My life motto is ‘Pay Attention’. Pay attention to people,
details, body language, lighting, sound, EVERYTHING. I’ve
always had a passion for visual creativity and am fascinated by people’s individual stories. It’s not uncommon to see me running behind the scenes of your day because I just saw the next ‘perfect shot’ we just had to film.

I love music and will spend countless hours discovering new
sounds and artists. Music creates magic and it’s such a great feeling
to discover the perfect soundtrack for a moment. I am inspired by your story. I want your day to run smoothly, and I want to capture all the moments that matter most to YOU.



My passion is for crafting a story that’s creative and unique to
YOU. I love the intimacy of a couple on their wedding day and
want your wedding film to be amazing. I promise I won’t quit until it’s perfect. I am the perpetual optimist of Blue Canister Studios and won’t let anything stand in the way of capturing your special day.
I am passionate about video, art and love. I believe love is behind everything we do and that if you follow your dreams, anything
is possible.



I am a self-proclaimed ‘film nerd’ and know nearly everything there
is to know about almost every film ever made. Period. Just ask the most random question you can come up with and I’ll have an answer. I promise. Just don’t ever confuse Star Wars and Star Trek. You’ve been warned.

I am dedicated to filming your wedding with that same passion and fun as my love for movies. I want your wedding to be perfect and will work hard to film the special moments of your day. I’m inspired by my wife and two beautiful children who enable me to look at the wedding day and see the future beyond.