Audrey + Jon Wedding Teaser Film

Classy. That’s the best way to describe these two. Audrey and Jon had a gorgeous wedding day that could only be described as picture perfect. Or in our case – FILM worthy. Audrey had every tiny element accounted for; from the top of her head to the tip of her shoes. And their family was one of the best parts of their day. A big glowing family full of hugs and smiles, this group was one for the books. They were so inviting, attentive, and supportive, that it’s no wonder these two are such amazing people.

Their wedding was breathtaking, the reception was perfect, and they are SUCH a cute couple.

Audrey and Jon – we were honored to be with you on your wedding day, and are so happy for both of you. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and success. We know you’ll do amazing things together. Congrats!

Audrey + Jon Wedding Teaser Film from Blue Canister Studios on Vimeo.

Mary + Brad asked us to do a love story for them. They wanted a video that would tell the story of how they met, the things they like to do together, how Brad proposed and a little of what they were looking forward to at the wedding. They also wanted it to be a surprise for the guests. We put the love story together, shared it with Mary + Brad a few weeks before the wedding and everything was set. However, they had no idea they were about to get a surprise. Along with the love story, we were asked to surprise Mary + Bride with a same day film. We had about five and half hours to put together the same day. Keeping it from Mary + Brad was going to be the hardest part. Everything was set and ready to go. Mary + Brad were just as surprised as the guests. It was a great day and a great night. We are happy to share this with you.

Filmed in Cincinnati, OH.

Studio 130 – The Opening Party

Studio 130 is a collection of talented Cincinnati wedding professionals: Nathan Peel Photography, Fyrefly Photography, Blue Dahlia Events, and Inspired Floral Designs. In honor of the opening of their shared office space, they threw an awesome party! There was amazing food and drinks and more than a little bit of fun. Blue Canister Studios was honored to film this special event and we are excited to share the film from the night. Enjoy!

Nathan Peel Photography
Fyrefly Photography
Blue Dahlia Events
Inspired Floral Designs

Jennifer + Paul Wedding Teaser Film

Jennifer + Paul

What an amazing couple!! From the first time meeting these two, you can definitely get the “in-love” sense. Jennifer + Paul have a “together” feel to them all the time. Whether it be sitting quietly, at a loud sporting event or playfully poking fun at one another…you can tell these two are in love.

An awesome day was set up. Paul would hang with some guys, grab a bit to eat and get ready to see his bride. Jennifer was ready to go first thing in the morning with hair and make-up. Paul was sending Jennifer gifts all morning…surprise gifts. As we moved toward the church to get in the tux and dress, the anticipation was building. They had not seen each other all day and they were ready. It was a beautiful day for a great ceremony. Jennifer + Paul shared that first look as she came through the church doors. The whole room could feel the love.

Once we got to the reception, complete with a live band and a view of Fountain Square, they fun was about to begin. Great food, music and friends was the theme for the evening and everything was perfect. Teresa, Paul’s sister, had done an awesome job with the planning. Things looked great. Paul’s father and Jennifer’s sister would deliver the toasts for the evening and we were struck by Paul’s father’s toast. As he stood as best man to his son all day, you could tell the pride and joy he had on this day. It came out in incredible fashion in his toast.

To Jennifer + Paul:
We wish you all the best. Thank you for including us on this day. It was an incredible day. May you have years and years of happiness and many pina coladas under a warm sun. Congratulations!

Please select play then pause to allow the film to load completely for best results

The Crew:
Ceremony Venue: St Monica-St George Catholic Church
Reception Venue:The Westin Cincinnati
Planner/Coordinator: Teresa (awesome job!!)
Photography: Ron Shuller Creative Images
Caterer: The Westin Cincinnati
Band: Leroy Ellington and the E Funk Band
Florist: HJ Benkens
Cake: A Spoon Fulla Sugar
Hair: Paragon Salon
Make-up: Kristina