Your wedding day is unique. Every detail has been crafted with countless hours of thought and preparation. Our goal is to capture
each and every one of those special details and craft them into a film that matches the emotion of your perfect day. We tell the story
of your love and produce a film that reflects your unique personality and style. We love getting to know our brides and grooms to give them the most personal experience possible. We’re not just videographers. We’re story tellers. Because it’s more than your wedding…it’s YOUR story.


package one


This film is the extended story of your wedding day. It may include bride and groom preparations before the ceremony, your first look, key moments of your wedding ceremony, your full vows and the exciting highlights during your reception. It’s all set to a unique soundtrack and crafted to help you re-live the journey you took on your wedding day to become husband and wife.

package two


This film is crafted to tell your unique story. We combine filmed elements from your day which may include your first look, walking down the aisle, your vows and special moments throughout your wedding day. It’s all set to music that’s been chosen to reflect your personal style.

package three


This film is the documentation of your wedding ceremony and reception. It will include your full ceremony and vows as they happened on your wedding day, combined with the main events at your reception including full toasts, your first dance as husband and wife, and the mother/son and father/daughter dance. These are all conveyed as they happened on your wedding day. This is a standard addition to the film of your choosing.


package four


This is a short introduction to
the Highlight or Feature.
This introduces you as a couple, your wedding, the venue and special moments from your day. It is designed to build anticipation and leave you wanting more.

package five

same day edit

This is a film shown during your reception on your wedding day. This is a special video shown for you and your guests during the reception. It incorporates video from your wedding day, including your preparations and memorable moments from your ceremony. This is a special treat for you and your guests.

package six

love story

This is your story told in
your own words.
The love story is filmed before your wedding and can be shared during your reception. This is the story of your journey as a couple, told in your own unique way.